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Speeding Ahead with Zero Friction

Wealth accumulation consists of two parts. Strategic investments and growth are what most people focus on. However, an equally important aspect is tax reduction. Over a long period of time, taxes can cost you significant portions of your gains. This is why when we design investment plans and explore various financial products with you, tax efficiency is a key variable in our equation.

If you are in the wealth accumulation phase, then you are facing the heaviest taxes. In response, we will recommend financial services that would reduce your loss. If you are approaching retirement, you want to make sure the yield from your portfolio can sustain your lifestyle. To achieve that, we will streamline your income flow so you may enjoy taxfree growth on your investments.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of tax-efficient financial products available. Charter House believes in building a balanced financial future for you and yours. While we manage your investments and encourage its growth, we will also provide you the best tools to secure your gains.